Sleep Mask


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Sleep the right way with this super cute Sleep Mask Blocks light designed by Aeryon Wellness. At Aeryon Wellness, providing customers with scientifically backed products to improve overall health and well being is the main philosophy. The Sleep Mask contributes to your overall health by improving your sleep quality and increasing your REM sleep pattern. This Sleep Mask comes featuring a “Snoöze the night away” design on the front, and can be paired with Aeryon Wellness’ Snoöze Sleep Support Supplement for the best results.


How does the Sleep Mask work?

By blocking out unwanted light, this Sleep Mask by Aeryon Wellness provides you with a more consistent sleep quality by reducing potential external arousal while elevating your melatonin levels. This Sleep Mask’s pressure free design means that you can fall asleep peacefully and comfortably without the irritating feeling of tight straps around your head. When using a Sleep Mask, researchers say that it results in a longer REM sleep and shorter REM latency, improving your overall health and well being as you rest at night with ease.


What is the Sleep Mask made of?

With an all natural design, the Sleep Mask Blocks Light is incredibly comfortable to wear throughout the night. It is made from a super-smooth, soft, silk material that does not add any unwanted pressure on your eyes or head, making your sleep as peaceful as possible.


Is the Sleep Mask right for me?

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, or maybe there is unwanted light coming from your window at night, then the Sleep Mask by Aeryon Wellness is the perfect solution. Its ultra soft design provides you with the right type of comfort for a long and deep sleep. This Sleep Mask not only blocks out light, but also enhances your REM rhythm, providing you with a better quality sleep every night. Get yourself a Sleep Mask and experience the calm and comfortable rejuvenation during your sleep that you deserve to recover from your busy lifestyle.