Period Kit


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The Period Kit

The Period Kit is a two-part support supplement package combining the balancing of the body’s metabolism and estrogen levels of Reclaïm with the pre-menstrual support of Water B Göne. This combination helps contribute to supporting the body’s natural rhythm when it comes to period health. At Aeryon Wellness, providing customers with scientifically backed products to improve overall health and well being is the main philosophy. This Period Kit contributes to your overall health by regulating your body’s natural pre-menstrual and menstrual cycles while providing a source of relief from uncomfortable menstrual symptoms.

How does the Kit work?

The Period Kit provides the best relief thanks to its two unique support supplements. When these supplements are used in harmony, they are designed to deliver the right kind of menstrual support while balancing estrogen levels in the body. Reclaïm works to restore your body’s natural estrogen balance and detoxify it of excess estrogen, while Water B Göne utilizes it’s natural ingredients to deliver relief to your liver, muscles, and reproductive organs that reduce the amount of water in your system. Each of these natural support supplements target specific areas that help improve your pre-menstrual discomfort, reduce excess water weight, and promote healthier skin.

What is the Period Kit made of?

Both Reclaïm and Water B Göne are formulated with scientifically backed and natural ingredients, taking a holistic approach to improve your body’s health and well being.

Water B Göne uses a unique combination of dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) and juniper berry to help with the body’s natural ability to increase diuresis (water loss). Water B Göne also uses milk thistle as one of its main ingredients, which helps target unwanted toxins in your liver.

Reclaïm uses ingredients like Zinc, Vitamin B6, St. John’s Wort, and Green Tea Extract, to promote weight loss, prevent tiredness, and retain overall immune health and body functions.

Is the Period Kit right for me?

If you experience excess water weight, or have uncomfortable pre-menstrual symptoms, mood, swings, or irregular menstrual cycles, then the Period Kit is the perfect relief supplement solution. This support supplement kit will improve your overall health and wellbeing with its combined abilities to regulate your body’s estrogen levels and pre-menstrual symptoms.