Blue Matcha Powder




Experience the power and health benefits of Blue Matcha Powder in your smoothies, lattes, yogurts, and even lemonades! At Aeryon Wellness, providing customers with scientifically backed products to improve overall health and well being is the main philosophy.

This beautifully coloured Powder contributes to your overall well being. It prevents premature aging and improves overall cell health. The Blue Matcha comes in either 25grms or 50grms.


The Benefits 

Blue Matcha Powder from Aeryon Wellness is caffeine free and contains high amounts of antioxidants. As a form of the butterfly pea flower, this Matcha Powder has incredible health benefits, including memory enhancement, reduced stress levels, increased collagen production, and prevention of aging or disease.

By taking this Powder, its active ingredient,  Proanthocyanidin, works to increase the elasticity in your skin cells and give you more of a youthful glow.


Where is Blue Matcha Powder from?

Produced from over 100 sustainable micro-farms in the rural parts of Thailand, this Powder is a truly unique colour. It requires no food colouring, and that makes it a perfect and exciting addition to your healthy lifestyle. Maintain a clean living environment in your home, as this Matcha Powder comes from farms that do not use pesticides or artificial fertilizers when farming and have no-mono cultures.

Aeryon Wellness sources this Blue Matcha Powder from these farms that also promote employment of middle aged women, the elderly, and those who are differently abled.


What can I make with Blue Matcha Powder?

This Matcha Powder is  beautiful blue colour makes creating different recipes super fun and exciting. Squirt a few drops of lemon or lime juice into this Matcha Mix and watch a lemonade or smoothie turn a brilliant purple colour. Blue Matcha works great in berry yogurts as it doesn’t have a bitter taste, and can turn your plate into a vibrant, Instagram worthy dish! Perhaps you feel like a cosy cup of tea when you get home from work tonight. This powder is fantastic in latte form and has no caffeine, making it a soothing night time drink before bed.


Additional information

Matcha Blue Powder

25grm, 50grm