Organic Psyllium Husks 200g


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Reboot your system and enjoy the endless health benefits of Organic Psyllium Husks in your smoothies, baked goods, and even soups! At Aeryon Wellness, providing customers with scientifically backed products to improve overall health and wellbeing is the main philosophy.

These Organic Psyllium Husks contribute to your overall well being by improving digestion and come in 200grms.


Product Details?

Organic Psyllium Husks 200g are soluble fibre that are sourced from the husks of the psyllium (Plantago ovata) seed. These fibers are great for clean digestion as they are packed with prebiotics and help to feed the good bacteria in the lining of your gut.

the Organic Psyllium Husks will improve your overall wellbeing. Consuming the Organic Psyllium Husks can set your body back to a more natural digestive rhythm and reduce any bloated feeling.


The Benefits 

By adding Organic Psyllium Husks 200g to your daily diet, it acts as a great digestion remedy that helps you feel your best. Consuming Organic Psyllium Husks helps with a variety of different body functions. These functions include bowel regularity, lowering of LDL cholesterol, stabilizing your blood sugar, and reducing inflammation.

This form of soluble fibre should be mixed in with food, or taken with water or juice. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of Organic Psyllium Husks daily into at least 12oz of liquid and consume immediately. Make sure you consume plenty of additional fluids throughout the day and start with small doses of Organic Psyllium Husks that gradually increase over several weeks.


What can I make with Organic Psyllium Husks?

You can consume Aeryon Wellness’ Organic Psyllium Husks on their own or add it to many recipes to improve digestion. You can also add Organic Psyllium Husks to your morning smoothie and get your day started in the right way.

Or, perhaps you’d like to add some Organic Psyllium Husks to your baked goods to feel its benefits without having to consume it straight. Organic Psyllium Husks work great in practically anything, and will improve your digestion while setting your body up for a happy, healthier way of life.



Mix 1-2 level tablespoons daily into at least 354 mL (12 oz) of water or juice and consume immediately. Drink plenty of additional fluids throughout the day. Start with smaller amounts and gradually increase over several weeks.


Add this easy to use prebiotic fibre to your smoothies, baked goods, soups and more.