Cooking ‘Thai Chicken Wraps’ LIVE with Mekaella and Aeryon

This Wednesday May 27th, at 6pm on Instagram LIVE join Mekaella and I as we make our version of “Thai Chicken” from our “Slow Cooking for a Fast Paced Mom” cookbook.

With our normally busy schedule, the slow cooker has become one of my favourite kitchen appliances. I can prep everything the night before and throw it in before I leave for the day. Nothing beats coming home to the smell of an already prepared meal greeting you at the door.

We have included the ingredients and instructions below. Join along and cook with us on Wednesday night or keep this in your recipe files for another occasion.

This easy to make, delicious, low calorie meal is a crowd pleaser! For more of these recipes please check out “Slow Cooking for a Fast Paced Mom,”